The users who get past initial feelings experience an intense, long-lasting high. This strain produces relaxing and uplifting effects without making you feel oversedated. A pleasant tingling jolts you gently from head to toe making you feel relaxed and a bit spaced out.

Nuken – HALF OUNCE (14 Grams)
Nuken – ONE OUNCE (28 Grams)
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Nuken is an Indica-dominant strain that contains varying levels of THC. Some estimate its potency ranges from 13% to 25%, while others rate it as high as 30%.

These large nugs are dense and furry, covered with chunky trichomes and super sticky resin. It produces a unique aroma and flavor, initially feeling like eating baked marshmallows but eventually turning skunk.

Many appreciate its potential to diffuse stress and depression, while others find it effective against bodily aches, including headaches, cramps, or muscle issues. A few hits of this strain will get you munchies; therefore, take it to ease nausea and enjoy a good meal.

The cross of God Bud and Shishkaberry results in the Nuken strain. This Indica-leaning strain is perfect for evening use.