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Get weed delivered to your door quickly in the Barrie area.

Whether you’re simply looking for a buzz or a medicinal fix, Weed on Call has got your back with weed delivery Barrie.

Never again will you have to stand awkwardly in lines surrounded by people that give you the creeps. Never again will you wait absurdly long behind a counter, just waiting for someone to serve you. You can say goodbye to the low-grade weed you’d get at any regular old pot shop. Here at Weed on Call, we serve the highest quality weed on the market. We don’t cheap out on our products. They’ve grown appropriately. They’re cared for by experts, and the products are methodically prepared afterward. Here at Weed on Call, we provide a unique service. The instant delivery of weed. And when we say instant we mean within the hour. Unlike other delivery services that make you wait days or even weeks, we do it within the hour. A timeline that simply cannot be beaten.

Want to buy some weed off of us and get it delivered? Send us your passport or driver’s license for proof of identification and legal age. We don’t sell to minors so if you’re underage this informational page is definitely not for you.


Discover the best cannabis delivery service in Barrie with Weed On Call. We offer online recreational cannabis on demand, all offered with free same-day delivery. Browse our varied menu and you’ll make Weed On Call your first option for all your cannabis needs.

Cannabis is as diverse as the community in Barrie. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, energy, focus or creativity, Weed On Call has your experience. We offer all of the most popular brands and our warm team is always here to give you the best recommendations for a more enjoyable experience.


At Weed On Call, we cycle through select, top quality flower, edibles, vapes and mushrooms. We are proud of our selection of cannabis products, curated to provide a wide range of effects and sensations, and save you time sorting through endless product lines. We carefully describe what you can expect from the products we offer, so that you know exactly what you are embarking on.

You shouldn’t puzzle to figure out if you can get weed delivered. And you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to achieve a minimum. Weed On Call is here at your service. If you want a cannabis product delivered anywhere in Barrie, we will provide it to you, regardless of price.


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Order online either by adding your products to cart and checkout, or by sending a text message to (647) 390-3772. We will confirm the estimated delivery time.

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Sit back and relax while our drivers head to your destination. Please make sure you have a government issued ID ready when they arrive.


We deliver our cannabis products not only in Barrie, but also in Bradford, Innisfil, Orillia, Schomberg, Tottenham, Alliston, Angus, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Blue Mountain and all surrounding areas.

Any order outside of this delivery area is possible, but subject to custom delivery costs, depending on the delivery destination. Kindly send us a message to (647) 390-3772, and we’ll give you a quote.Delivery within the local area is normally done within 2 hours. But in case of delay, we will contact you to inform you immediately. We also do contactless delivery if you prefer, just specify it once you place your order.