8 Fun Ways To Smoke Weed

April 26, 2023
The majority of people are used to rolling a blunt or hitting a bong, but does it really have to be that monotonous? There are a lot of different ways to get stoned and add a little excitement to your next sesh.

It’s no secret that weed is a remarkable plant with a lot of wonderful qualities. It can alleviate anxiety, enhance athletic performance, and even serve as a magnet in social situations that can attract like-minded people.  Whenever weed is involved, you simply can’t go wrong.

Cannabis Rolling Intro

1. Apple Pipe

Consider purchasing a few extra apples on your next grocery store run if you’re feeling daring and want to try something new. Many stoners prefer this natural and fun way to smoke cannabis, especially those who lack a glass pipe.

All you need, in addition to the apple, is a knife, toothpick, and pen. Apple pipes are an excellent alternative if you run out of rolling papers or have no other options available. First of all, you want to take your pen apart. Carve out a bowl on top of the apple, and stick the pen through the side, making sure it goes all the way to the makeshift bowl. Take the pen out and empty the remaining apple chunks and put it right back in. Take your favorite bud, place it in a blow, and spark that bad boy up!

2. Trinidad Roll On

This method of rolling comes from Trinidad and Tobago. If you don’t smoke cigarettes you should definitely skip this method as it involves rolling a joint on top of one. Originally, clear rolling papers are used for this method, it provides a different vibe to the smoke sesh, although pretty much any rolling paper can be used. Grind up your weed, roll it in the paper, place the cigarette where you would usually put your cardboard filter, and roll it on. This interesting method of smoking weed has been featured in a Strain Hunters Episode called Trinidad & St. Vincent Expedition, thus getting more popular in other parts of the world.

3. Dab Rigs

Have you ever visited a marijuana retail shop and admired those stunning glass sculptures that resemble vases? If so, you were most likely gazing at a dab rig. Unlike regular bongs that offer intense filtration, these water pipes diffuse heat to optimize the flavor and aroma of cannabis concentrates.

Dab rigs operate similarly to bongs, but it’s important to note that you can’t purchase a dab kit and expect to become an expert at using it while smoking weed. To use them properly, you’ll need specific accessories.

To utilize a dab rig, you must heat the nail with a torch, place the concentrate on the nail, and then inhale any vapor produced. Although it may sound simple, it takes practice to master the technique.

4. Corn Husk

Originating from Jamaica, this traditional method of smoking cannabis involves using corn husks. Smoking corn husks can be slightly harsher compared to regular rolling papers, but they offer a good way to get baked while making use of something that would otherwise be thrown away.

For the best experience, use the innermost layer of the husk as it’s thinner, smoother, and it will burn at an even and slow pace. Corn husk rolling papers can also be purchased, although they may be challenging to find. Corn husk rolling papers can also be purchased, although they may be challenging to find.

5. Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is a unique smoking device that uses water and gravity to fill a bottle or chamber with a huge amount of smoke that you can inhale. It’s well known for producing massive hits that can get you very high instantly. The instant high and the small amount of flower needed make the gravity bong popular among both new and experienced stoners who want to get super baked quickly

To make a gravity bong simply cut the bottom of the bottle with a box cutter, leaving enough room for water and smoke. Cut off the top of the larger bottle or fill up a bucket with water. Poke a hole in the bottle cap and place a bowl piece through it. Fill the foil-wrapped bowl with ground-up weed. Fill the larger container almost to the brim with water, submerge the smaller container, and screw the cap with the foil back on.

6. Hot Knife

Before the advent of fancy dab rigs with carb caps and other accessories, the only way to enjoy concentrates without a pipe or papers was with a hot knife. To use this technique, you need to heat the end of a knife until it’s hot enough to produce vapor or smoke when you touch the weed’s resin glands against it. Once the knife is red hot, drop the dab while hovering over it to inhale the resulting vapor. To make the process easier, you can create a dome by cutting the top half of a small soda bottle and using it to trap the vapors that rise up from the knife. It’s the best way to use your cannabis concentrates when you don’t have a dab rig or vape pen available.

7. Watermelon Bong

Creating a watermelon bong may take some time and effort compared to an apple pipe for example but the hits will be smoother with the water filtration. First, hollow out the watermelon and add water. Then, make a diagonal hole in the side for the down stem and bowl. Lastly, carve a hole in the top large enough for pouring water and fitting your lips around it.

8. Carrot Chillum

Making a chillum out of a carrot is a simple process. Begin by getting a screwdriver and piercing a hole through the center of the carrot from one end to the other. Next, carve a small indentation at the top of the carrot to create a bowl or “push” where you can pack your weed. Once you’ve packed the bowl, place your mouth on the opposite end of the carrot and use your finger to cover the hole on the other end. Light the bowl and inhale the smoke into the carrot. When you’re ready to release the smoke into your lungs, remove your finger from the hole and let the steamroller do its work.

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